Wednesday, May 5, 2010

{fashion...according to carrie bradshaw}

I'm sure you ladies, SATC lovers, can perfectly recognize this closet...

Carrie Bradshaw's!

With the second movie coming out soon (can't wait!), all I can think about is -What am I going to wear to the premiere?- And of course, you can't think of Sex and the City without thinking of Carrie's outfits! Since the beginning of the show I have been obsessed with her style. Her character is definitely a risk taker when it comes to fashion...

Love this one!

Perfect for the summer now...wish I could find something like this since I have the perfect shoes for it!

Probably one of my all time girly and sweet!

The more the never fails!

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  1. omgg this has got me so excited for the 2nd movie!!! i cannot wait. i also love that first outfit youve put up - love the scene which accompanies that outfit too, when she goes to miranda's for NYE. ahh i cannot wait :)
    great post! x

  2. I love that white summer dress and the pink strapless one. The one with the big flower...ummmm,...well.... What shoes would you wear with that dress?

  3. Karen, I have these beautiful golden champagne stilettos with a thin metallic platform in the front that is smaller than the sole, so it's like the shoe is sitting on it. Hummm, I can just picture it! :o)

  4. Love that you dug up all things Carrie! The stylist on that show really knew how to push the envelope! I love it. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is fun! We will follow and add you to our blog roll!

  5. You are the bestest, you and I are SO on the same wavelength this week! Can you stand it, I am just dying to see the movie! I would love to hire Patricia Field to style me for a week (OK month, OK forever! LOL!) You make me so happy just like this post. Big hugs!

  6. One of my favorite parts of the show (and now movies) is drooling over the fashion! CANNOT wait for May 27.... eeek!

  7. i love that big flower dress!!!! it so fabulous!!! buy it for me :D lol

  8. I agree,Carrie's style is a must but I prefer Samantha's one!She 's always perfect and glamorous as Charlotte is too!
    Love SATC!

    Please sorry my bad English =(

  9. *swoon* who doesn't love her and envy her style. I do everyday when I look in my closet.

  10. She is an origional! The white dress that you like is by Rachel Pally. It's actually not too awfully expensive.

  11. Hi - I always like a Carrie post! This one is great! Louise x


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