Saturday, October 23, 2010

{adding to my wish list}

This is the new item on my already long winter wish list - the 'Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote, Luggage'

This bag comes in so many different and fabulous colors it's hard to pick one! But there is something about this camel color -their signature luggage color- that's timeless and perfect for any season.

I am definitely getting this one, but first comes the part I always dread...convincing my hubby that I 'need' to have this purse and that I am still going to use all the other ones. Including the one I just got in September...the one I 'needed' for our upcoming trip to Argentina, because none of the other ones I already have were 'the perfect one' :-)

I should give him more credit, he never gives me a hard time!


  1. I hope you succeeded!! VERY CUTE!

  2. I really like that bag. I'm lusting over something similar. He's a hint for negotiating with your hubby. Show him a Birkin---then show him this one...What a deal! He will be complimenting you on saving savvy. (LOL)

    Happy New Year


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