Monday, April 12, 2010

{in fashion with spring}

I simply love spring: the weather, the flowers, the longer days...

And to be in fashion with this awesome season I got this purse! When I saw it in this color I fell in love with it!

Oh tickled pink!


  1. Spring is my favorite season, I love it because of the tulips but I love it because it is nicest time to live in Miami. Cute purse!!!

  2. Love Spring!I think it's a romantic season!Buds blossom in the trees,the days are more longer,people go out and spend their time in the town it!!!
    This pink purse is so cute!

  3. I totally have been purse hunting & haven't found the perfect one yet but this one is VERY cute. If it just had a ruffle :) I am after a ruffle or two for the summer :) But LOVE the shape & color!


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