Thursday, April 22, 2010

{pink and green thursday it is...}

This is the first time I'm going to participate in "Pink and Green Thursday" hosted by Trish ( Seeing all her pictures I feel like a little girl in a candy store. After all, what are pictures of pink and green things for a girly girl? It's eye candy!

Today I'm going to keep it simple. Today, I'm concentrating on just flower arrangements and table settings. Now that the spring is here, we all need a little inspiration for those girl afternoons and little parties here and there.

Hope you enjoy it!

This one minus the eggs...beautiful for next Easter though!

How gorgeous is this floral arrangement?!?!


  1. My colors!!! Those were my baby shower colors, I love them!! They put me in a happy place anytime I see them together.

  2. Oh sweet friend I am beyond thrilled that you played along this week! I am overwhelmed with how pretty your pictures are! Those flower arrangements are all GORGEOUS, especially that last one, WOW, I am crazy about all the different shades of color plus the amazing orchid accents. That first picture made me smile so much! The single tulip is so elegant and simple, and that little pink Fauchon box is adorable.

    I've actually been to the Fauchon store in Paris, ahh, heavenly. There is one in NYC too, have you been to either? Also once at a fashion show I went to in NYC when I was a buyer, they were giving out those little Fauchon chocolate handbags to the attendees as a parting gift. I kept it for years, I thought it was the cutest little thing! :) Have a great weekend, and I hope you'll play again next week! (I'll have a little linky set up so we can send more people to your blog!)

  3. Hi! Found your site through the fabulous Trish and I am loving all this eye candy your sharing today. So pretty! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  4. Oh those last flowers almost took my breath away!!! GORGEOUS! My daughters room is pink & green & it is the happiest place in the house!

  5. Yay for participating in Trish's fun game!!! Oh how I love everything pink and green too. And you did such a great job with your pictures... you're a true P&G natural :-)

    Happy Monday Dear!


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